Why Airthey Green - Considering Overarching Policy And Other Areas?

This is an extract from the LDP Document, stating the clear policy, however, also below we have done a high level review of the policy relative to the area and other development plans.

Overarching Policy.

This Plan supports good quality development, in the right place, that meets the community’s needs – social, economic and environmental, so as to contribute positively to the creation of vibrant, mixed and healthy communities. In order to accord with Plan Vision, Spatial Strategy, and policies, all developments, land use changes and other proposals, plus related masterplans, site briefs, strategies, etc, will require to demonstrate the following:

a compatibility with the spatial strategy and reinforcement of the sense of place; b high standards of design, integration with neighbouring areas and the wider community, and

conformity with the relevant sustainable development criteria*;

c appropriate measures for mitigation of and adaptation to climate change;

d appropriate measures for the safeguarding, conservation and enhancement of the historic and natural environment;

e safeguarding and appropriate management and utilisation of natural resources.

And in the southern Local Development Plan area, adherence to the principles of the National Planning Framework proposal for a Central Scotland Green Network, with relevant contributions to local and national Green Network objectives.

Sustainable development criteria:

1. Improve the quality of the built environment.

2. Contribute to reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, in line with or better than national targets, and encourage energy and heat efficiency, and the use of low and zero carbon powe


3. Reduce the need to travel and encourage active travel and other more sustainable travel and transport opportunities.

4. Support Zero Waste objectives, and minimise the life-cycle resource requirements.

5. Avoid areas at risk of flooding and erosion.

6. Protect and enhance the historic and cultural environments, and the natural environment (including biodiversity and landscape).

7. Minimise adverse impacts on water, air and soil quality.

8. Support healthy lifestyles, by improving access to amenities, promoting access to open space and other recreation opportunities and by addressing environmental problems.

9. Involve re-use and/or regeneration of previously used land and property, including derelict and contaminated land, and the re-cycling of construction materials.

10. Make efficient use of existing and new infrastructure.

Over Arching Policy Review