The proposed plan would change the designation of Green Belt for the whole area, opening the opportunity for complete development and proposed road link - Removing any separation between Bridge Of Allan And Stirling.

After a local survey, the green belt was highlighted as very important to the community - Action Plan

The LDP plan contradicts the AirtheyGreen plan, stating that the green belt should be protected between Bridge of Allan and Causewayhead. Page 4 of Green Belts

The developers plan for green corridor from University to Stirling would require to cross Railway and also does not go all way to Stirling and not the quickest route.

Tourism - No longer a victoria spa, suburb of stirling.

The important physical role in maintaining separation between Causewayhead and Bridge of Allan is reduced to a mere 180 metres - the length of 1.5 football pitches can building 800 houses on an already narrowing green belt be described as enhancing the role of the green belt the remaining strip of green belt is acknowledged in the proposal as being the projected route of the proposed road link between University Roundabout and Kildean. 

If that link road goes ahead then there would be no green belt between the two settlements the economic development is mainly the expansion of the Graham’s Dairy complex although they manage to conjure up apprenticeships and employment in the proposed park. Perhaps an alternative would be to move the dairy business to an industrial estate, demolish the existing dairy and build houses on what would then be a brownfield site.
The Proposal Document has interesting statements in relation to the community. In one paragraph the area is described thus:
"ridge of Allan has the characteristics and attributes of a free standing, bustling market town with a high level of retail activity and residential use. The main line railway station and direct access to the motorway network provide strong links to Stirling, the central belt and Perthshire."
 So here we have a free standing , bustling market town and I think we can all agree with that.
Another description  describes Bridge of Allan, The University and Causewayhead thus:
Within this context, Airthrey Kerse provides a rural backdrop to these three communities. This is a key
attribute. In terms of the characteristics of Airthrey Kerse Farm these can be defined as providing space, views and setting. It is these qualities that need to inform any strategic development proposal in order to guide the approach to place making that underpins the LDP strategy"
Here we have a clear picture, from the Developers, of the attractions of the Green Belt. It is an asset to all three settlements!.
In the next paragraph on the Proposal they state:
  • "As a series of clearly defined, flat fields that adjoin these three communities, Airthrey Kerse has the potential to accommodate development that can reinforce the character and identity of these distinct communities through careful assessment and sensitive   planning. Centrally located, it also has the ability to provide a long term solution to the role and function of the green belt that avoids coalescence but achieves enhanced access to open space and rural amenities."
  • This is the same piece of land that they were extolling in the previous paragraph as providing space,views and settings that they now want to build 800 houses!. They want to reinforce the distinct communities by reducing the Green Belt to 180m wide and creating a common park between Bridge of Allan and Causewayhead effectively joining both communities.
  • .
  • Developer Extract Page 11:

    Much is made in the proposal document about the park that will be jointly used by Bridge of Allan and Causewayhead. The prime carrot being waved for the existing residents.
    What are they offering and what are we likely to receive?.
    • Playing fields for use by the University. If the playing fields are used by the University but are still a community asset, who will be responsible for maintaining the fields/  Who will organise who has the use of the fields at a particular time
    • Playing fields planned for an area prone to flooding after heavy rainfall, and that land appears to have a spring in the middle of the area.
    • A children's play area. The only access will be from Airthrey Road or the new development. Existing Bridge of Allan children on the eastern edge of the village will be more inclined to continue to use the play facilities on Fountain Road. Causewayhead has one of the finest play parks in the area and it would be unlikely that the Causwayhead children would abandon it for a new play area in the new park
    • Extensive tree planting. Depends on the species and spacing.
    • The centre piece will be a loch. Unfortunately the loch will be merely a large puddle. They may excavate a large hole to make the feature but it will still be a large puddle as it has no natural flow of water in or out. It will be fed from the surface rainwater drainage from the proposed development areas. This means that in times of heavy rain the puddle will overflow, in times of drought the water will evaporate and as there will be no fresh water being added it will stagnate and smell. Over time the constant topping up with drainage water means that the bacteria from pet droppings/aquatic bird droppings etc will build up to create a toxic soup. A great place for kids to play and your dog to have a swim! The local Environmental Health Dept has been asked to comment on this and their reply will be posted on site. There is also another unseen danger. There are old clay pits in the area and no one has a clue what was used to infill the pits so no one can tell what would be seeping into the water feature.
    • Who wants an allotment? The Park will have an area for new allotments to serve a growing (excuse the pun) local demand. You would be advised not to eat anything you grow if you get an allotment on the proposed site on the Proposal Document. The site allocated is the site of the old gas works, tile works and a railway siding. This site is believed to be so badly contaminated the Council would have reservations about building houses on it and the developers have kindly earmarked it for allotments!
    • At a later stage in the Proposal Document the Developers acknowledge that this fantastic park with all of its features is actually the route of a proposed link road between the University Roundabout and a new Forth river crossing at Kildean. A proposal that has been shelved, not abandoned!!!!!. If ever this plan reaches fruition then the park disappears and Bridge of Allan and Cusewayhead are only separated by a major road system