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Why Develop On Green Belt - There Are Alternatives?

posted Nov 18, 2011, 12:27 AM by John Boyle   [ updated Nov 18, 2011, 12:35 AM ]
A laymans interpretation of Stirling's Overarching policy relative to Airthey Green, it fails 9 of 15 points - click here

We strongly support growing Bridge Of Allan Community for the benefit of the community and the businesses in the Town. However, we object the lost of our green belt, identity within the Stirling district and increased traffic on Henderson street.

At this point we are confused as why Airthey green has been selected for 800 houses, it fails 9 of the Local Development Plans own policy definitions (click here). There are better alternatives and land owners around Bridge Of Allan have offered in non Green Belt Land which offers more benefit to the town and new residents. (click here) 

We need houses to be build where it does not strain infrastructure and the environment, encouraging economically active people to locate in Stirling District owing to transport links. We are not going to create the number of jobs locally, with dramatic increases in the local youth unemployment compared to rest of country - 3 fold increase. (click here)