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Education Capacity in Stirling - BofA Pupils Possibly Bussed To Alternative

posted Nov 17, 2011, 11:47 PM by John Boyle   [ updated Nov 18, 2011, 1:23 AM ]
Recent feedback form Council on School capacity is concerning for the future, and who will be able to go to recently opened Wallace High.

The formula they use for calculating pupil numbers from a new build is 1-2 bedrooms .21 pupils, 3-4 bedrooms .42 pupils and 5-6 bedrooms .63 pupils. The maximum capacity at Bridge of Allan Primary is 459, optimum capacity 400 forecasted roll 2012-2019 is 336 rising to 385. Interestingly the Education Dept figures are for 150 houses in the Bridge of Allan area and 650 in Causewayhead.

They provide a web link  This report shows the above modelling only shows demand until 2021 and includes a total of 5,744 completions. Post 2023 a total of 3,245 units will still require to be accommodated. 

Wallace High School nears capacity in 2015 and exceeds capacity in 2016. This will depend on build rates. Slower growth will delay the time that the school reaches capacity. Faster build rates will potentially cause difficulties to occur earlier. Bannockburn High School will near capacity in 2016 and will exceed capacity in 2017. Stirling High School nears capacity in 2016 / 2017 and remains at high levels of occupancy until the end of 2022. The proposed stategy to address secondary capacity is to make new provision as part of the build at the Major Growth Area at Durieshill. On-site high school provision for the number of properties,will reduce the need to transport children off-site. In the medium to long-term (2016 to 2033) it will also provide an opportunity to rezone pupils from Plean and potentially Cowie to the new High School allowing development within the Bannockburn area. In addition this will provide an opportunity for Fallin to be rezoned to either the New High School or to Bannockburn High.   

So pupils in the Causewayhead Bridge of Allan Area may have to be bussed to School in the future.