Council has made it's decision!

After a bit of a rollercoaster ride last night, 23rd March, Stirling Council decided by 12 votes to 6 with two abstentions to refuse planning permission for the proposed development.
At the start of the meeting Councillor Ruskell declared an interest and had to withdraw, he wasn't even allowed to remain in the Chamber!
A motion to oppose the application was proposed by Councillor Jim Thomson and this was seconded by Councillor Campbell who got in there just in front of Councillor Houston.
A motion to accept the application was proposed by Councillor Farmer and seconded by Councillor Wood. Perhaps not surprising as they are both farmers!
There then followed a debate where it soon emerged that there were two sides and it wasn't going to be an easy decision and certainly no forgone conclusions.
The local Councillors for both Bridge of Allan and Causewayhead all spoke in support of the rejection with the exception of Provost Robbins who was in the Chair and could not speak. Councillor Robbins had made his contribution at a previous meeting. They were ably supported by Councillors Simpson and Gibson
Councillors Farmer, Wood and Farmer(three farmers!) spoke in favour of granting permission.
Much was said about the number of objections received that expressed the concerns of the local residents and in this case every objection counted.

The final vote was taken and  the proposal was rejected.

The Final Stage Approaches

The proposed development on Airthrey Kerse by Graham's Dairies is contrary to the Local Development Plan and because of the size of the proposal Stirling Council are submitting the scrutiny of the application to the whole Council.

The status of the planning application is as follows:


Planning Ref 14/00595/PPP


This particular application has been very slow to progress due to the time taken for the developer to submit all the information required as part of the application. We believe all the relevant information has now been submitted.


Under normal circumstances a planning application would be assessed by the council’s Planning Committee (normally 6 or so councillors) but due to the scale of this proposal and due it being for a site which is not included in the current Local Development Plan then there are special measures being implemented.


This application is going to be assessed and ultimately voted on by all 22 of Stirling Council’s elected councillors. The application will go through first what’s being referred to as Pre-Determination meeting. At that meeting, information about the development will be discussed & delated by all 22 councillors and we believe that both the developers along with interested party’s or organisations opposing the development will get the opportunity to state their case. In what form that will take we do not know as yet.


Beyond that meeting the will be a further Determination meeting held, again attended by the 22 councillors in order to vote on the planning application.


We do not know as yet when this meeting will be held. Many councillors, having never served on a Planning Committee previously will require to be put through the necessary training prior to the pre-determination process being started. There is also a requirement for a site visit to be organised with all the elected officials getting the opportunity to assess the site for themselves

What happens now

While originally we were looking at a limited number of Councillors on the planning panel we are now looking at canvasing the full Council. Most of the Councillors have little or no planning experience and these Councillors will be given a procedural guidance course prior to having to make any decisions. We have a big opportunity to influence these Councillors. I will list the Councillors email addresses at the end of the email. The list provides an easy hyperlink with the address.

WE have to look at the following points which have already been identified in the Scottish Governments Reporters comments. Please chose 2 or 3 of the points especially if you have detailed knowledge of the item and send an email to each of the Councillors. The easiest way is to do one email and copy the content then it is simply a case of bringing up a new recipient and pasting the contents. A relatively quick way of covering all Councillors. The Grahams obviously canvased the farmers who supply them with milk to write in to support the application. The results was that many of the farmers simply regurgitated what Graham had written and the fact that many of these farmers went on about the much needed primary school etc. rather weakened their case. If everybody choses random subjects rather than try to cover them all there is more chance of Councillors taking time to read the email


Landscape value

Green Belt


Merging of Bridge of Allan and Causewayhead


Recently highlighted

Henderson Street the second worst area for traffic pollution in Stirlingshire only beaten by the Craigs Roundabout in Stirling and they want to add a further 600 cars!

Forth Valley NHS have stated that Bridge of Allan Health Centre doesn’t have the capacity to cope with the additional population

Drainage scheme dependent on mechanical valves and recent events in England highlight what happens when mechanical/electrical flood prevention systems fail

Causewayhead residents might like to highlight the recent instances of water coming up through manholes as the existing system can’t cope .

Email addresses. Please be aware that the Councillors can no longer comment on the application as to express an opinion prior to the vote could disqualify them from voting so do not be annoyed if you don’t get a response.

Ward 1

Alycia Hayes                                       SNP        hayesa@stirling.cov.uk

Fergus Wood                                      SNP       woodf@stirling.gov.uk

Martin Earl                                          Cons       earlm@stirling.gov.uk


Ward 2

Alistair Berrill                                       Cons       berrilla@stirling.gov.uk

Graham Lambie                                  SNP       lambieg@stirling.gov.uk

Ian Muirhead                                       SNP       muirheadi@stirling.gov.uk


Ward 3

Callum Campbell                                Cons       campbellc@stirling.gov.uk

Graham Houston                                SNP       houstong@stirling.gov.uk

Mark Ruskell                                       Green     ruskellm@stirling.gov.uk

Mike Robbins                                      Lab         robbinsm@stirling.gov.uk


Ward 4

Jim Thomson                                      SNP       thomsonj03@stirling.gov.uk

Johanna Boyd                                    Lab         boydj@stirling.gov.uk

John Hendry                                       Lab         hendryj@stirling.gov.uk


Ward 5

Christine Simpson                              Lab         simpsonc@stirling.gov.uk

Neil Benny                                          Cons       bennyn@stirling.gov.uk

Scott Farmer                                       SNP       farmers@stirling.gov.uk


Ward 6

Corrie McChord                                  Lab         mcchordc@stirling.gov.uk

Danny Gibson                                     Lab         gibsond@stirling.gov.uk

Gerry McLaughlan                              SNP       mclaughlang@stirling.gov.uk


Ward 7

Alasdair MacPherson                         SNP       macphersona@stirling.gov.uk

Margaret Brisley                                 Lab         brisleym@stirling.gov.uk

Violet Weir                                          Lab         weirv@stirling.gov.uk

This area is known to be prone to flooding, and even the most optimistic proposal from the development states that it will flood to 0.2 metres in a 1 in 500 year event. Weather patterns are changing and this report is discreditied by local experts. Any change is water flow based on SEPA reports could impact existing properties in Bridge Of Allan.
Community Identity
Bridge of Allan is a community with an identity an a history, that has only this year bean recognised nationally by Beautiful Scotland Best Small Town. The village identity maintains its place as a tourist attraction, a great place to live. The blending of this with Stirling will only reduce the perceived value and identity of Bridge Of Allan.